How we work

Innovative projects in various stages of development require different competences and support. Our team knows how to successfully manage them and how to enable their growth and functioning in broader business environment. Not only do we provide capital, but also we actively support entrepreneurs in making crucial decisions, in establishing useful business contacts on both domestic and global market, building effectively working teams using synergy and potential of the entire ecosystem of the Group, managing ongoing tasks, creating marketing campaigns and also in all book-keeping and legal activities.

Several years of professional experience of all Team members in the area of capital investments, commercialisation of innovative projects and managing technological companies allows us to effectively conduct all investments in the demanding and constantly changing business environment. Our proven track record and competences gained in the CEE Region on the venture capital, private equity and capital markets, as well as experience gained through the cooperation with research and development institutions are supported by our Global Partner from West Europe and venture partners from the US market, who are greatly experienced in launching companies on global markets.




NANO GAMES 27.01.2016

Nano Games, Krakow developer of computer games, obtained new financial partners. Accelerator Technology Gliwice and Auger Business Angels Network will enable rapid development of the company using previously produced technology. The purpose of the total amount of 2.2 million PLN is to become the technological leader in the market simulators technical and expanding cooperation with international publishers in the production of the next simulation games based on licenses globally recognized brands. Obtained funding allows for the expansion of the production team, the further development of simulation technologies, parallel implementation of several games, and a research project, which will contribute to the dynamic development of the company and a significant increase in revenues in the following years.


On September 25, it was held in Warsaw first Inaugural Investment Forum Augere Venture. The meeting was attended by investors and representatives of the Fund. We discuss the development strategy for the coming year and presented the first proposals for the directions of investments.

DIRECTION Rzeszów 07.07.2015

On 30 June, representatives Auger ventures and Rzeszów University of Technology signed a cooperation agreement setting up the life of the Fund, which will deal in exploration and financing innovative projects in the early stages of development.


Augere Venture Partner WITH Private Equity Forum & Awards Gala.  11.06.2015
On 8 June this year Managing Partner Mariusz Borowiec participated in a very interesting panel discussion on the EP, as an effective driver of innovation in the context of the sixth edition of Private Equity Forum & Awards Gala. They discussed the PE market in Poland, the possibilities of promoting innovation, sectors you invest and foster innovation tools on the market. The meeting was attended by representatives of top management, representing Polish and international companies, business leaders with an established position, who through their actions determine the directions of development of the Polish economy. To be discussed invited young entrepreneurs who managed to break through with their ideas not only on the Polish market but also abroad.

Augere Business Angels Network invests PLN 2 million in SentiOne  10.04.2015

Augere Business Angels Network Fund signed investment agreement with SentiOne – a start-up company that monitors Internet opinions in 9 European countries. The company will be given PLN 2 million for further development and launching the product on other European markets.

You can read more here (Polish version only)

Torun Acceleration Program ‘SCALE’ with participation of our Investment Managers  23.03.2015

Time for Toruń – our analysts Dominik Majewski and Piotr Kalarus as mentors in ‘SCALE’ program.
SCALE is the first acceleration program for startupers from the area of Big Data, SaaS and mobile technology. It consists of two stages - the first one is a 5-day workshop for 5 best teams; the second one is a PLN 75,000 investment and a 6-month intensive acceleration – the team is given everything they need from access to modern equipment for business to support of mentors, investors and entrepreneurs from the most important polish investment funds, technological firms and start-ups.
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Mariusz BorowiecTomasz Głowacki

Mariusz Borowiec

Tomasz Głowacki

Managing Partner of Augere Venture. Founder of the Satus Group in 2005 and its Managing Partner, founder of 2 VC funds (30 investments), co-investor, member of investment committees in 8 seed funds which were established together with the major research and development institutions in Poland (around 80 investments). Former Member of the Management Board / CFO of Megachemie S.A. Group; later President of the Management Board of TFI BDM. Mariusz began his career as a broker; later, he graduated from Politechnika Krakowska and has been broadening his knowledge during postgraduate studies in the field of managing companies in the University of Administration and Management (Wyższa Szkoła Administracji i Zarządzania).Managing Partner. Tomasz is a qualified manager with many years of professional experience gained in an international organisation. He has major achievements in the field of investing, both in the CEE region and in countries of Western Europe. Tomasz also possesses broad knowledge of investment, especially in management of investment cycles and interim and operational management of portfolio companies. He has been cooperating with Mariusz Borowiec since 2000.
Rolf Christof Dienst

Rolf Christof Dienst

Rolf is a Partner and Member of the Investment Committee of Augere Venture. He is a Founder and General Partner of Wellington Partners (1991), Co-Founder of German VC Industry (1978) and Chairman of the German VC Association BVK (2007-2009). His career he has been involved in numerous successful investments and exits. He has a law degree.


The Investment Team


Tomasz Kaniowski

Tomasz Kaniowski
Investment director in the material engineering and IT sectors

Ph.D. in solid state physics; he took part in preparing and launching over 100 transactions on the capital market with with a value of up to PLN 3 billion. Since 2010 he has been Vice Chairman and Equity Advisor on the private equity market. In 2000-2002 he was CFO of a software company and earlier, in 1999-2009, he was Manager and Director of Analyst Department in brokerage house. Tomasz has been cooperating with the Satus Group since 2005.




Augere Venture

Supporting growth stages of development requires smart money, as well as flexibility in the amount of supplied capital, in introducing new tools for management, mastering competences, or in launching new products or services on the market. As we consider all the above crucial in the process of following trends and needs of the markets, we invest in projects which have both global and regional potential and whose value is built through the processes of mergers and takeovers. We support new technologies and innovative projects with the use of competences of our experts, managers and scientists from all research and development institutions we cooperate with in our specialised accelerators.



Augere Business Angels Network

We create a network of conscious investors, who not only provide their financial support, but also are involved in all other areas.

This support ensures investment development and is key element in business growth, as well as all knowledge and experience of our staff. Together, we constantly focus on providing entrepreneurs with any help they may need, so that the projects we work on are successful and have the highest return on investment.


Augere Seed

In our accelerators we investigate, incubate and validate projects and ideas in early stage of development.

We provide assistance of mentors, brokers, analysts and experts, who are in charge of assessing the potential and estimate value of a project. We also assist in building teams, creating marketing, promotion and sales tools and equipment, as well as in resolving all sorts of legal and book-keeping issues; we concentrate on maintaining professional support in the extremely difficult period of assessing project’s validity in business conditions. The structure of the Group ensures domestic and foreign capital is available in the means of consecutive rounds of financing for projects which achieve their business targets.




We invite all entrepreneurs from sectors such as life science, ICT/Tech mobile, IoT, Smart electronic, Smart manufacturing, advanced material technologies, entertainment, eduevents, IT solutions, and all other sectors that still need to be invented.


  • Internet and Social Media Monitoring  Date of establishment: 15 October 2010

    SentiOne is first on the Polish market system dedicated to protect image of the companies in the Internet. The product is addressed to PR, marketing, interactive agencies and companies which are interested in monitoring its own image in the web. The way of SentiOne activity is easy. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all polish internet is monitored and actual data base of net surfers statements about branches, products, services and people is created. Later on, using intuitive client's panel, every company can begin to monitor and analyse opinions which are shown about this company in the Internet. The results of analysis are presented in approachable way and it is easy to export them to other programs. SentiOne safeguards good name of company in the Internet, immediately catching negative opinions about the company. Additionally, SentiOne allows to take part in important discussions about the company. Thanks to it, the company can quickly gain new clients and react to problems of actual clients which are shown in the Internet. |

  • F1 Pharma Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 15 October 2010

    The Company focuses mainly on research and development, completing both its own projects, as well as projects for external clients. The founders of F1 Pharma are experiences individuals, with great potential in the pharmaceutical market and with high competences in the field of research and development of products, analysis and quality of organic synthesis. F1 Pharma has both infrastructure and specialist equipment, that facilitate completing works necessary for launching pharmaceutical products on the market, control quality, verify suppliers and contractors, register drugs, etc.

  • ProManus Sp. z o.o.

    ProManus Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 25 August 2010

    The Company creates innovative and technologically advanced medical products, which enable people with serious injuries function normally in their every-day life. The Company’s first product has been an innovative prosthetic arm SuperHand – its prototype’s functionality has already been verified and confirmed by first patients.

  • Hependo Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 29 March 2011

    Hependo is a polish pharmaceutical firm, focused on research and development of innovative medicines. The Company is actively engaged in the development of new therapy to treat chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Moreover, Hependo works on hepatoprotective dietary supplement, designed for patients that want to care for their liver, while they live a fast-paced lifestyle and struggle with maintaining a balanced diet. The Company also plans to launch a new line of cosmetics with coffee extract.

  • Food Robotics Sp. z o.o.

    Food Robotics Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 9 May 2011

    The Company focuses mainly on food processing by developing innovative products with the use of advanced solutions of mechatronics. The team of founders includes current research workers and experienced entrepreneurs, who are in possession of various patent declarations.

  • Novel-iD Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 29 December 2011

    Novel-iD activity involves usage of unique solutions from pharmaceutical nanotechnology. The Company, on the basis of a dedicated liposome platform of supplying active ingredients, offers a range of services which guarantee the quality improvement of all range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The process is done while increasing solubility of active ingredient, effective distribution of API for therapeutic reasons and limiting potential side effects related to therapy. The first products of the Company will be used for conduction anesthesia of skin in injection, or waxing procedures, as well as for soothing insect bites symptoms.

  • simAb Sp. z o.o.

    simAb Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 2 February 2012

    The Company conducts research in the field of red biotechnology. The team is composed of specialists experienced in the field of biopharmaceuticals and plans to launch biosimilars as the first products, which will give patient suffering from the most serious diseases access to the latest means of therapy. Moreover, the Company develops its own innovative technologies that follow the latest trends in the pharmaceutical market and that answer the real needs of patients and the medical industry.

  • Lipolek Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 12 July 2012

    The Company operates within pharmaceutical nanotechnology and has recently came up with a method of creating liposome carriers with optimal physicochemical parameters that can be used for transportation of a drug and its gradual emission. Currently, the Company focuses mainly on developing technology to create a medical product in the form of a gel, which will be a liposome version of an anticoagulant used in prevention and treatment of diseases of superficial veins. What is more, the Company also works on various other products for skin treatment, which will fulfil the most promising market niches of all sorts.

  • ReMasters Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 14 January 2013

    The company develops innovative technologies that base on the latest discoveries in the field of biotechnology. The first project is the technology of synthesis of new restriction enzymes – invented and patented by the innovator and Managing Director of the Company himself. These products are widely used in the biopharmaceutical market, as well as in research laboratories of molecular biology and biotechnology all over the world. The restriction enzymes are used in cloning, genotyping, mutation analysis, or DNA sequencing – a reason why the market is worth several million dollars a year and still grows.

  • Egzotech Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 28 March 2013

    The company was established in order to commercialise technology of active rehabilitation with the use of electromyography (EMG) for orthopaedic and neurologic patients, such as persons with injuries, or patients with multiple sclerosis. The technological base of the company will be the Electromyogram – Controlled Single – Axis Exoskeletons (PL: Jednoosiowy Egzoszkielet Sterowany Elektromiogramem). After completing all research and development actions and obtaining necessary certificates confirming the effectiveness and safety of the Company’s products, they will be launched on the European market and offered to rehabilitation centres.

  • Prodromus Sp. z o.o.

    Prodromus Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 21 August 2013

    The Company focuses on technology of designing, prototyping and production of automated rehabilitation devices that are used mainly in therapy of children with major physical disabilities. The originator of the venture is Grzegorz Piątek, who in 2011 funded from his own money and then created a robot that helps children with cerebral palsy walk. The robot, thanks to its initiative construction that enables exercise at home, was given to a needed family and its inventor was awarded title of ‘An Ordinary Hero’ (PL: ‘Zwykły Bohater’) – a project organised by BPH Bank, TVN and Onet. The solution has also received great recognition among other entrepreneurs, as well as from Mother and Child Institute (PL: Instytut Matki i Dziecka) and The Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (PL: Naczelna Izba Lekarska).

  • Vanta OilField Sp. z o.o.

    Vanta OilField Sp. z o.o.  Date of establishment: 13 November 2013

    The Company was established in order to develop, and later promote on the CEE markets, the latest technologies in improving the process of extraction of petroleum and natural gas, including shale gas, and their usage in processes of production intensification. Creating a specialist laboratory in LifeScience Park, which is considered key element of the project, will enable further research and will ensure the project’s competitiveness.

  • Nano

    Nano Games, Krakow developer of computer games, obtained new financial partners. Investment Accelerator Technology Gliwice and Auger Business Angels Network will enable the rapid development of the company using previously produced technology. The purpose of the total amount of 2.2 million zł is to become the technological leader in simulation technology market.

    The Company plans to continue and expand cooperation with international publishers in the production of the next simulation games based on licenses globally recognized brands.

    Investments assets of Accelerator Technology Gliwice, that the participation of the National Center for Research and Development supports innovative research projects, will allow the use of the potential of technology through the development of a prototype simulator for professional public services with potential use in the field of defense and public safety.

    Years of experience team Nano Games (projects Reef Shot, Zamba !, Cityconomy) resulted in the form of innovative technology for the production of computer games and other simulation projects.

    The company's products are available in foreign markets through major portals, digital distribution (Steam, Amazon) and traditional (GameStop, Media Saturn Holding). The latest studio’s design, the game 'Cityconomy', is a realistic simulator of urban, realized in co-production with German partner publishing company Astragon Entertainment GmbH.

    The project was obtained license truck manufacturer MAN.

    Subsequent productions developer will emerge in cooperation with major global brands the technological industry.

    The most important technology partners of the company are: NVIDIA Inc. (program Gameworks ™), IDV Inc. (owner of the award-winning technology, quick rendering plants SpeedTree ©), and Sundog Software LLC (among others: owner Silverlining ™ technology).

    The studio is also accredited developer Sony (PS4), and Microsoft (XBOX ONE).

    Obtained funding allows for the expansion of the production team, the further development of simulation technologies, parallel implementation of several games, and a research project, which will contribute to the dynamic development of the company and a significant increase in revenues in the following years.




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